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Serving all San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire and Pomona Valley in need of Expert Gas Line and Gas Water Heater Repair, Service & Installation

Natural Gas Line Repair, Service & Installation

With natural gas you can warm your home, dry your clothes, heat your hot water efficiently while saving on monthly energy bills because gas is more economical than electricity and you will enjoy the comfort and the savings in your home. High Speed Plumbing offers gas line installation and gas hydronic heating system repairs for gas appliances. This includes gas line installation for all gas appliances such as stoves, cooktops, barbecues, hot tubs, pool heaters, hot water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, boilers, hydronic furnaces and other gas remodeling projects. Our local qualified licensed gas fitters fully understand gas line installation for restaurant equipment and other commercial grade appliances. We are your local, Licensed, Bonded and Insured State of California Master Plumber, Gas fitter , Gas Water Heater, Gas Fireplace, Gas Appliance service, repair and installation expert specialists. We have experienced, licensed local gas fitters and plumbers on staff that can handle your gas line service, installations and repairs.
  We have the skill and local experience to properly size your gas line installations, which is especially important if you are remodeling or upgrading gas appliances for your home or business.

Our quality local technicians are factory trained to service, repair and install gas water heaters, gas fireplaces, gas appliances, tankless water heaters, power vented water heaters, hybrid water heaters and  forced air hydronic heating systems. We have the knowledge and skill to perform all types of Gas Appliance repair, service and installation. We can install all types of gas water heaters for home & business owners ranging from high efficiency tankless water heaters, undersink, point-of-use models to large commercial hot water systems providing hot water for local restaurants,apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals. We can get your water heater installed safely and efficiently and make sure that it meets all State of California codes. Modern natural gas appliances are economical and environmentally sound for the homeowner home. Some of the advantages reported are :

Gas Line Repairs, Service And Installation Daily in the San Gabriel Valley,
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Natural Gas Water Heater Service, Install & Repair

We are the San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire and Pomona Valley hot water heater expert specialists. We service all brands and we are a certified warranty repair contractor for Bradford White. We carry quality water heaters for every residential and commercial application. Call High Speed Plumbing @ 1-888-958-1394 and we will arrive at your house with a new hot water heater, remove and dispose of the old one, and replace it with a quality, more efficient hot water heater properly installed & tested.

Our service technicians, plumbers and gas fitters are experts at properly installing and setting up your new water heater. We ensure that your job is up to California code and give you instructions on proper usage and temperature settings. Gas water heaters are energy & time efficient. They heat water twice as fast as electric water heaters providing a much faster recovery time and you won’t have to wait for hot water when several people use the shower. Quick response gas water heaters are the most efficient on the market and using them can cut your hot water heating costs in half. When you need hot water you won’t have to wait.
Gas water heaters are more effective than electric because you actually make a flame when you burn gas and the burners are capable of higher temperatures than electric elements so you can heat more water faster. Compared to electric water heaters of the same size citizens with gas water heaters always have more hot water to go around. You can have an endless supply of hot water in your home with a water heater about the size of a briefcase.

Natural gas tankless water heaters can deliver hot water at a constant temperature, whenever you need it. Tankless water heaters can be installed inside or outside the home or business. The cabinet can be mounted directly to the wall or within a recessed box. The cabinet can even be painted or textured to match the exterior surface. As an added safety feature, the water heater cabinet stays cool to the touch. With a life expectancy of more than 20 years tankless water heaters last twice as long as standard water heaters. The initial cost is more than a traditional unit but the savings can pay for the investment in about five years. Some of the tankless water heater advantages reported by local citizens are:

  • Gas Line moves for kitchen remodel moving cooktops, ovens and ranges
  • Always hot: continuous hot water on demand
  • Energy efficient: energy savings of up to 50%
  • Safe: remotely controlled temperature
  • Reliable: no water tank to leak

Continued Annual Maintenance will greatly extend the life of your gas hot water heater along with continued utility bill savings. Lack of maintenance will cause larger repair costs due to the tolerances required for proper operation of modern hot water heating equipment.

We Service All Major Water Heater Brands Including:


Gas Clothes Dryer / Gas Line Installation, Service & Repair

Gas clothes dryers can help homeowners manage their time better by delivering more heat to dry your clothes allowing each load of clothes to dry about 12 minutes faster than with electricity. When you are drying something you want to wear right away you won’t have to wait as long for it to be ready. Clothes last longer when dried in gas dryers, because they dry so much faster and are not spending as much time getting beaten up in the rotating drum. Gas dryers don’t “cook” clothes like electric dryers do. They supply a moist heat so clothes are left smelling more fresh and are less stiff and wrinkled.

Gas dryers are designed to run longer with less maintenance. Natural Gas appliances give you a systematic way to do your laundry because when you combine gas water heating with a natural gas dryer you have both efficiency and economics working in your advantage. You’ll have plenty of hot water to wash the clothes along with the fastest way to dry them. Gas dryers are user friendly because they light automatically and they come equipped with precise heat settings so you can always select just the right amount of heat and drying time for each load.You won’t waste valuable energy drying clothes because both electric clothes dryers and gas dryers now come equipped with a moisture sensor option. The dryer actually senses moisture levels and shuts off automatically when items are dry regardless of the programmed time remaining.

Gas Clothes Dryer and Gas Line Installation, Service & Repair in the cities below: