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Drains pipes can get clogged due to debris that form over time . A soft blockage may consist of hair, sludge, or mineral formation. High Speed Plumbing has you covered , our technicians can perform a range of services to address the problem, These are most common issues.

  • Drain Camera Inspection: Using a fiber optic camera, we can look deep into your drain to find the problem and determine a solution without doing any major digging.
  • Drain Sewer Cleaning: We can use the latest drain cleaning equipment to clean sewer lines and avoid damaging gas and electrical lines in the process, while preventing damage to your home.
  • Hydro Jetting: A high pressure water jet can clear a tough blockage by forcing it through the pipe, whether it’s caused by hair, oil, minerals, or soap residue; the pressure and flow of the water are tightly controlled.
  • Sewer Repair: Sometimes the appearance of sewage isn’t your fault. When factors out of your control have led to sewer pipe failure, we can employ Trenchless repair and replacement techniques to restore your plumbing with minimal disruption.
  • Root Removal: An outdoor situation, this can be remedied by digging out and cutting tree roots; if the roots have infiltrated a pipe and caused extensive damage, that section will need to be replaced.

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Having a clogged drain can cause a wide range of nasty problems. From Bad odors to things becoming very messy, very fast, blocked drains and sewers need  to be cleared as soon as you start experiencing drain overflow or stagnant water. High Speed Plumbing Drain Services is a dedicated sewer cleaning and drain cleaning specialist  who can clean blocked drains, pipes, sinks, showers, and more. If liquid runs through it, we can unblock it. Based in Pomona Ca and Arcadia Ca, we also serve those in the surrounding areas and ensure that your drains are running smoothly. We  offer professional services and fantastic results. High Speed Plumbing Drain Services provides complete drainage solutions, including domestic,  commercial, and light industrial services.

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